Editorial Policy

The NEN Board issues the following Editorial Policy in each edition and on our Blog and we welcome comments from NEN readers.

  • To produce a fair, interesting, positive, informative and independent community newspaper, blog and web-site
  • To increase community awareness and understanding of regeneration activities
  • To promote the North Edinburgh area in a positive way, both locally and nationally
  • To cover local campaigns and initiatives in a positive way
  • To cover any negative issues brought to our attention by local people / groups, but highlight any positive responses / campaigns being initiated to address any such problems
  • To counteract negative publicity from other media sources, by providing a positive / local angle on the story
  • To include articles from local contributors, either groups or individuals
  • To use the letters page and web-site as a forum for topical debate, fair and free speech for local people / groups
  • To ensure all articles are balanced and that any person or group in the article is given the opportunity to present their side of the story / argument
  • To implement / resolve any suggestions, criticisms etc (where appropriate to local issues) made at editorial forums
  • To promote local businesses and organisations
  • To ensure NEN remains apolitical
  • Any letter or article which the Board or Editor consider libellous will not be published
  • The factual content of any letter will be checked and if the facts cannot be verified the letter will not be published
  • Articles / letters which appear in the paper and on the web-site may not necessarily be the view of the NEN Board

The views expressed in the North Edinburgh News are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Editor or Publisher. Any individual, group or organisation is welcome to contribute.

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  1. Forth Neighbourhood Partnership Community ‘Consultation’?

    I don’t know about you but to me the word consultation means a discussion before decisions have been made.
    Tenants and Residents Groups in Pilton, Muirhouse and Granton have been invited to a ‘consultation’ meeting with council officers, where we will be informed of decisions already made regarding budget cuts.
    Please correct me if I am wrong but this meeting is NOT a consultation but more of a dictation!

    According to the positive Total Craigroyston Announcements made at the Public Meeting this summer, communities are to be listened to and involved in the planning process for our area.
    At the same meeting, lots of announcements were made like the bin collections being reduced.
    No consultation and not much discussion allowed.

    What do you think of our council’s understanding of the word consultation? Personally I feel they need another dictionary.



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