Strollers strive to stamp out sectarianism

Posted on 30/10/2014 by


Civil Service Strollers club secretary Keith Stewart writes about an initiative to tackle a problem that continues to blight our ‘beautiful game’:

old firmCivil Service Strollers is the only football club in Edinburgh that has received funding from the Scottish Government’s Voluntary Action Fund to undertake workshops on understanding sectarianism and how it affects the community.

We recognise the problem sectarianism plays in dividing communities, particularly in relation to football allegiance, and have set out to work with players and the local community to participate in informal education workshops that help increase their understanding of the issue and the negative impact on everyday interactions.

The workshops will culminate into a public event, when a range of community stakeholders will be invited to witness the showcasing of Civil Service Strollers workshop participants journey on achieving its aim of non- tolerance to sectarian behaviours in their football community.

A club spokesman said: “It’s about football clubs taking a stance to address sectarian issues that exist by bringing everyone together to understand the impact of sectarian behaviours on day to day relationships.”

Anyone interested in taking part in weekly community workshops should contact Club Secretary Keith Stewart on 07402521912