Bow-Tow: a Newhaven celebration

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Bow-Tow A4Citizen Curator is proud to announce the performance of ‘Bow-Tow, a Newhaven Story’. Presenting storytelling, theatre and a carnival of traditional music set alongside performances by local residents young and old.

To be a Newhavener is to be Bow-Tow. This affectionate nickname symbolises the
working partnership between the fishermen and fisherwomen, one that is at the very heart of this historic community.

Taking inspiration from the history of Fishwives and Fisher-lassies choirs in the area, this event will seen musician Jed Milroy and the newly formed Newhaven Community Choir present a rich mixture of traditional music, song, solo performances and storytelling starting with a spectacular lantern parade each evening.

On Saturday night we will be joined live by special guest Hamish Moore, performing his new work “Bow-Tow” on the bellows blown pipes. In addition, there will be singing in St. Andrews Church (now Alien Rock) for the first time in exactly 40 years.

After the performances there will be an opportunity to explore Newhaven and the meaning of Bow-Tow:

– Displayed in windows along the High Street, ‘Street of Voices’ presents
audio memories and archive footage compiled by Jed Milroy and Rebecca
– ‘Beer, Cake and Craic’ (from 8pm Friday and 7.30pm Saturday) will
follow at local venues alongside energetic live music sessions.

Venues include: the family-friendly Peacock Inn, Porto and Fi, The Old Chain
Pier and The Harbour Inn.

These free events are a celebration of a vibrant community and its place in the
21st century. For more information, see ‘Newhavener Bow-Tow’ on Facebook

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