Communities: care for your war memorials

Posted on 09/10/2014 by


War Memorial Clean Ups
 DSCN1167Scotland has an estimated 6,000 war memorials. Many of these are treasured but sadly others are neglected and vandalised or left to suffer the effects of ageing and weathering. 

With a war memorial in nearly every community, its preservation and upkeep is an integral part of having respect for an area.

In preparation for Remembrance Sunday 2014, Clean Up Scotland is encouraging volunteers to organise Clean Up events in the green spaces and streets surrounding their local war memorial.

See our War Memorial Clean Ups Information Pack for guidance on how to organise a Clean Up event in your area, and how to report on the general condition of the local war memorial through War Memorials Trust. The pack also include information on funding, and case studies to inspire you.

DSCF4497Please email us at to tell us more about your event, and send us photographs of your hard work.