A living memorial for Mikaeel

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MY Adventure reach Towford target

MY1Money raised to pay for a memorial for little Mikaeel Kular has been donated to a local youth project in Muirhouse. The money has helped MY Adventure to upgrade an adventure centre for thousands of local children to enjoy for years to come. 

MY Adventure used a crowdfunding site to try to raise £6000 for urgent repairs to Towford, a dilapidated outdoors centre near Jedburgh. The social enterprise was over halfway toward it’s target when trustees of the Mikaeel Kular Memorial Fund decided to contribute the donations they had received – over £3000 – to the Towford venture, making the MY dream become a reality.

It’s great news for MY Adventure and proof that joy can spring from tragedy.

Jonny Kinross, Director of MY Adventure, said: “Towford Outdoor Centre will be an affordable outdoor resource for children, families, communities and businesses to stay or use for years to come. The centre, which was formerly a 19th century school, will be entrusted to the Muirhouse community and safeguarded by registered local charity Muirhouse Youth Development Group.

“Our centre will be accessible to thousands of local people, groups, businesses and school pupils all year, next year and for generations to come.

“Eighty official backers have surpassed our target of £6000, with £35000 raised from individual supporters and local organisations in just two weeks. ‘These people felt either connected to Muirhouse or inspired by what the centre will come to be and mean to local people.

‘It was this that inspired the Mikaeel Kular Memorial Fund to pledge such a large amount to our campaign. That money will secure his legacy and will specifically help create a children’s play area in the 17 acre grounds dedicated to him.

“‘It’s a testament to how his community showed strength, solidarity and compassion at a time of their greatest need.”

Three year old Mikaeel Kular died in his Muirhouse home in January after being subjected to three-day beating by his mother. Rosdeep Adekoya claimed her son had gone missing, sparking off an unprecedented local search, but Mikaeel’s body was found two days later. She was subsequently jailed for eleven years.

Mikaeel’s disappearance galvanised the local community and thousands took part in the search for the wee boy. When the tragic truth became known a fund was set up to create a memorial to remember Mikaeel – and MY Adventure’s Towford Centre will now ensure that Mikaeel’s memory will live on. 

Robert Pearson, chairman of Tenants & Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM), who initiated the collection for the memorial, said: ”Our thanks to everyone who donated, I know Mikaeel’s’ family are touched by the response of our community. It was always going to be difficult to decide just what to use the money on.

”Reading all the suggestions and talking to residents who visited the community shop, I got a sense of outdoor, play area and family activities are what people are looking for. When a resident mentioned the Towford Centre, I immediately thought it ticked all boxes. Mikaeel wasn’t allowed to grow up and enjoy his childhood – his legacy will ensure other children can.’


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