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New session starts today at Royston Wardieburn

power to the people

 Discovering North Edinburgh’s Early History
30 September – 16 December

Power to the People is a group for adults who are interested in Scottish history, politics, arts and current affairs. Over the last two years we have been learning about Scotland’s history and the struggles of ordinary people through studying Scottish poetry, music, paintings, literature and films. We have also been trying to get to grips with many of the important issues concerning the Scottish Referendum (see our open letter, below).

P2TP – dear citizens of scotland

This term we will be exploring North Edinburgh’s early history and how this is linked to important social, economic and political events in Scotland through the centuries. The programme for this term will include:

• Speakers on specific topics relating to the early history of North Edinburgh and Edinburgh generally
• Visits to the National Museum of Scotland, the National Library of Scotland, RCAHMS)
• Workshops (using IT to access digital archive material)
• Films on Edinburgh’s early history

Material and resources uncovered during this term will contribute to the development of The Great North Edinburgh Tapestry, an exciting new project which will document the history of this area and the story of all the people who have settled here.

The Power to the People group is friendly, informal, fun and free. No qualifications or knowledge of history are required. New members are always welcome.

If you require more information about the course or require a creche contact Lynn McCabe, Community Learning and Development worker on 552 5700 (Tuesday – Thursday) or email on

See below for an article about the group:

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