The jam in Edinburgh’s planning sandwich?

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Trinity Community Council has commented on Edinburgh’s latest Local Development Plan:

trinity cc logoThe City of Edinburgh Council’s latest Local Development Plan shows more than 17,000 new houses to be built on either side of the Trinity area. Trinity comprises about 4,000 houses currently so that is a very significant increase in nearby housing stock. There will also be two new Primary Schools, additional shopping at Granton and Leith and major industrial development at Leith docks.

Despite this, the plan contains no corresponding transport proposals. Will Trinity be the jam in the sandwich between developments at Leith and Granton? The previous plan depended on the tram to Newhaven taking the strain but the scrapping of that extension has not been replaced by any alternative.

Unless the plan recognises the need, transport will only be reviewed piecemeal as developments are built – with all that implies for impatient motorists taking shortcuts through residential areas. 

There is also concern about possible impact on parking – already causing a number of problems and made worse by apparent lack of enforcement. One suggestion is to introduce Priority Parking but this would cost residents for their permit. More info at 

We will push for a review of roads, transport (including bus services) and parking in north Edinburgh as part of the Plan rather than as an afterthought.

Trinity Community Council


Comments on Edinburgh’s Local Development Plan must be received by this Friday – 3 October

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