Lazarowicz: transfer of powers ‘without delay’

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westminsterMark Lazarowicz MP has pledged to work for the transfer of powers promised to the Scottish Parliament without delay as Ed Miliband and the other UK party leaders confirmed their commitment to the process. 

The North & Leith MP sets out his views on the way ahead for Scotland and the rest of the UK on the path to constitutional reform in an article published on his website today.

He said: “There must be no delay in the transfer of powers promised during the referendum campaign to the Scottish Parliament.

“Gordon Brown announced a timetable with cross-party support for further transfers of power to the Scottish Parliament and Ed Miliband as well as the other UK party leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to it.

“That has now begun with the agreement of a Parliamentary Motion which will be published as soon as Parliament returns. Full debate involving the Scottish Parliament and civil society in Scotland will follow leading to legislation being drafted by January.

“We now need to re-engage people to rebuild democracy throughout the UK by devolving power and Scotland is leading the way in that.”

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