Royal Victoria Hospital: heritage worth saving

Posted on 21/09/2014 by




I am the editor of Amongst other historical information  on the Craigleith district I have included a history of the Royal Victoria Hospital.

My interest with the RVH site is the B listed Admin Block which hopefully the planners are going to retain. This building was built in the 1906 and the design was overseen by the pioneer of Tuberculosis treatment Dr Philip. I am hoping that this building with its superb acid stained beams (see my web site) and superb wood panelled conference room could be retained with the history of the RVH and in memory of Dr Philip who was a pioneer in the treatment of TB.

There are many wall plaques still retained in the entrance way to the old RVH which could well find a new home in this building. The building would be ideal as a conference room for NHS meetings as well as Community Council meetings.

Alan Ross