Lazarowicz Bill to be debated on Friday

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parlystatueMark Lazarowicz MP’s new Bill to ensure the Scottish Parliament has the power to tackle irresponsible parking in Scotland has now been printed and will be debated at Westminster on Friday (5 September).

The Bill would clarify the powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament to tackle irresponsible parking such as parking on pavements, at dropped kerbs and double parking which can present a real hazard to disabled people in particular but also pedestrians more generally who may be forced out into the road to get by.

The North and Leith Labour MP said: “This Bill would ensure that the Scottish Parliament has the power to act to tackle irresponsible parking which can be not just a nuisance but a real danger in the case of the elderly, children and people who may be visually impaired or disabled in some other way.

“There has been uncertainty over whether the Scottish Parliament has the power to legislate in this area and this Bill would cut through that by ensuring that it is devolved once and for all.

“It is devolving a practical power to tackle a public nuisance which can make people’s lives a misery and illustrates the way that devolution is a continuing process.”

The text of the Bill can be found at:




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