Tuesday is decision day for Telford parking

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telford carsMeasures to introduce priority parking measures to the streets of Telford could be agreed by councillors at next Tuesday’s Transport & Environment committee meeting. Local campaigners are pleased that traffic and parking problems that have beset the area for years could at last be resolved.

Drylaw Telford Community Council has been seeking solutions to irresponsible parking in the area, and last year initiatived a survey of the area to gauge residents views on introducing priority parking measures. That October consultation was inconclusive, but the community council gave it another go and organised a public meeting in March.

The meeting was well-attended and there was sufficient support on the night to justify a second consultation in June.

This proved more decisive: 156 residents responded – and of these 154 were in favour of introducing a Priority Parking scheme!

Drylaw Telford Community Council chairman Alex Dale chairs the sub-group set up to address Telford’s traffic problems. He said: “We are very pleased with the outcome of recent consultation letter which resulted in a overwhelming favour for the scheme and I’d like to thank our members for all their hard work in advising the residents of the merits for introducing the scheme.”

He went on: “The sub group met last night to discuss this report and next stages. If the scheme gets the go-ahead next week Parking Operations will produce a detailed map of the area, showing where priority parking bays will be located and non legislated free bay and highlighting the single/double yellow lines propoals. The transport officials will be invited to this meeting to fully explain the proposals and our sub-group will then agree or amend. Clearly we won’t do anything until we know the result of Tuesday’s meeting but we are very hopeful that things will get moving in Telford soon.”

Telford Parking paper

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