Muirhouse tenants talk housing

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mha1As part of the Scottish Social Housing Charter, all Councils and Housing Associations have to report how well they are performing to their tenants every year (writes James McGinty). They also have to ask their tenants how they would like to receive this information.

Muirhouse Housing Association held a tenants’ panel meeting to discuss this at Muirhouse Community Centre last night. The session was facilitated by Senior Housing Officer Ainan Groat.

There was a lively discussion and the panel gave their views on the type of information they would like to see and how they would like it to be presented.

mha2All Muirhouse Housing Association tenants are welcome to join the Tenants’ Panel.

The Tenant Panel is made up of tenants who are interested in looking at MHA’s policies and services in a bit more detail – they are not an established group, but give advice based on their experiences of being an MHA tenant.

People on the Tenant Panel can give their views by coming to meetings, replying to questionnaires or by email – MHA uses this feedback to improve services and to influence policies.

For more information please contact Ainan on 336 5282.

James McGinty

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