Health advice for freshers

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Health advice for students from NHS 24

freshers1STUDENTS starting university and college this year are being advised to prepare ahead byNHS 24, Scotland’s national telehealth and telecare organisation.

NHS 24 Medical Director Professor George Crooks reminds students that there is a wealth of health advice and information available to them at the dedicated Freshers’ Health section at

He said: “Many students find themselves living away from home for the first time when they start university or college and I would urge them to use NHS inform for information on healthcare.

“During Freshers’ week, I would advise students to take the time to register with a GP in their new area. A number of universities have a dedicated GP practice for their students and for those that do not, you can search by postcode at NHS inform.
“For those students who use regular repeat prescriptions, make sure you take enough with you to last until you register with a GP and it is also a good idea to have a first aid kit and supply of pain relief with you.

“Setting up home on your own for the first time is a daunting, yet exciting experience. By preparing ahead and thinking about your health, students can make sure they make the most of it.”

For further health advice and information go to

The popular health resource provides a wealth of advice and information on health issues relevant to young people as they embark on or continue their higher education years, including safety advice, what to pack and where to go for health care.

The Health A-Z is packed with information about common illness, treatments and health services, covering topics from acne to yellow fever. The Common Health Questions section includes areas dedicated to sexual health, women’s and men’s health and food safety. Users can also find out about local health services and information on how to register with a GP.

Click on link (below) for an Audioboo clip of NHS 24 Medical Director Professor George Crooks discussing the subject: