Letter: In the public interest

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Dear Editor

In the main, the wealth of the nation is represented by the amount of products made by the people of the UK.

After paying wages and other costs the remainder is the owner’s profit, so it follows that the owner’s aim is to get as much produced for as little as possible; for the workers, their aim is to get better wages, working conditions and job security.

Given the fantastic profits being made by many industries, and the disgraceful salaries and bonuses being handed out to top management, it shows the distribution of wealth is very one-sided. The interests of owners and management as helped by having supporters in top political positions.

If the position was reversed, and workers had the overwhelming support of their political representatives, it would be a fair and just situation in that the interests of the majority of the population takes precedent over the very few. These interests would go beyond asking the employers for a few extra pounds in wages that – in a very short time – is swallowed up in rising prices.

Interests common to all are gas, electricity, water supplies, bus and rail transport, road transport and fuel supplies to get to and from work; also in particular the NHS and allied services, local services and amenities, green and open spaces.

These are a minimum of industries and services that should be run in the public interest, not for private profit; there are no doubt many other common interests that could be listed.

I believe a very large majority of people would support such a programme – a programme that worked for them, not the interests of the few.

A. Delahoy

Silverknowes Gardens