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PYCP’s Preventative Opportunities Programme (POP) are now looking to receive referrals for young people aged 14-18 years to start now and continue until February next year.

It is a six month intensive support package for young people and their families. We will offer the young person 1:1 support, group work based sessions on a range of different issues and interests and possibly some outings.

We will also provide the parent/carers and siblings with support on what issues are affecting the family and opportunities to get involved in new experiences and activities together as a family.

If you have any young person or family who would benefit from this type of support or have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly on 332 9815 or send a referral to Katie@pycp.co.uk.

I have attached a referral form and a poster for families (see below) to look at as we do require the family to agree to the support before a referral is received.

POP Leaflet pdf version

POP referral-form

Katie Grover
Senior Preventative Worker, Pilton Youth and Children’s Project