Fringe Review: A Final Solution to the cabaret problem?

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frank_bongo_4thJuly2012_02Everybody’s favourite war criminal Frank Sanazi’s back in town, and the Fuhrer’s thankfully learnt nothing since his defeat in 1945. A blitzkrieg attack on taste and decency, Das Vegas Night 3 was a delight.

The Rat Pack’s songs are given the Sanazi makeover – That’s Life becomes Das Reich, Gestapo Gestapo is the new Chicago Chicago; you get the picture. The material’s as subtle as an attack by a Panzer division, but predictable or not, it’s very funny.

Pol Pot, Chairman Mao, Tony Blair, Saddam Hussein, the Twin Tower bombers and Harold Shipman – all received an honourable mention in despatches during the performance, and Sanazi didn’t hold back. But there’s something strangely endearing about Sanazi, and material that makes you wince is delivered with a cheeky smile.
As he said: ‘A bit close to the mark? But hey, today we have no mark! We have the Euro – Germany wins again!’

While Sanazi himself was hilarious, the cabaret’s supporting cast and material was not so strong – a bit like Mussolini’s Italian army during World War Two, I suppose. But an hour of world domination, war crimes and some gratuitous nudity thrown in too – wunderbar!

Zis time we win? Yes, Frank, I rather think you did. Tonight, the Voodoo Rooms, tomorrow the world.

Das Vegas Night 3 – Zis Time We Win!
The Voodoo Rooms, West Register Street
Until 10 August

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