“The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time”

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recruiting office

“It was seeing the picture of Kitchener and his finger pointing at you – any position that you took up the finger was always pointing at you – it was a wonderful poster really.

I was always a tall and fairly fit lad. When I confronted the recruiting officer he said that I was too young, although I had said that I was eighteen years of age. He said: “Well, I think you are too young , son. Come back in another year or so.’

I returned home and never said anything to my parents. I picked up my bowler hat, which my mother had bought me and which was only to wear on Sundays, and I donned that thinking it would make me look older.

I presented myself to the recruiting officer again, and this time there was no queries. I was accepted. My mother was very hurt when I arrived home that night and told her that I had to report to Mill Hill next morning. I was 16 in the June.”

Private Thomas McIndoe

12 Batallion, Middlesex Regiment