Top student Martin’s a health and safety gem!

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NEBOSH (2)An Edinburgh College student has beaten more than 1,300 others to be named one of the country’s top occupational health and safety students.

Martin Diamond received the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health’s (NEBOSH) Phil Hughes Award, which is presented annually to the best candidate in Unit A of the Diploma. Martin, who studied the National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, received his accolade at Warwick University, where the international NEBOSH graduation ceremony was held.

The NEBOSH National Diploma qualification is recognised globally by professional bodies such as the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health for professional membership.

Martin, who is 35 years old and studied the part-time qualification while working as an environmental health officer at West Lothian Council, said: “I didn’t expect to win the best candidate award so it was a big surprise. I felt very proud of my achievements, to have obtained the top mark from more than 1,300 candidates. The graduation was a great day and meant I could celebrate my success with my tutor and my family.”

Martin added: “The most interesting part of the course was finding out about major catastrophes such as Piper Alpha and Chernobyl. We learned why accidents like these occur and how to prevent them happening again in the future.

“I also enjoyed the teaching style at the college, with a mixture of lectures, quizzes, class competitions and practical demonstrations, which made the course a lot more interesting. In particular, the lab sessions with the exploding custard tin and burning jelly babies was lots of fun whilst also teaching us practical skills.”

NEBOSH chief executive Teresa Budworth said: “We congratulate Martin on being the top candidate for Unit A this year. This is a massive achievement, which will have taken a great deal of hard work and dedication to achieve.”

With this extra qualification under his belt as well as the NEBOSH Best Candidate Award, Martin plans to take his newly acquired skills and knowledge back to West Lothian Council, where he assists local businesses with occupational health and safety as environmental health officer.

A diamond geezer, indeed!

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