Letter: the lies behind the cuts

Posted on 17/07/2014 by


Writing a LetterDear Editor

Councils and all public organisations have had drastic funding cuts, leading to a reduction in service provision. Funding cuts have been imposed on other organisations that provide necessary additional services to the public in many forms; these organisations rely heavily on volunteers, backed up by a few paid staff working to their physical limits.

If the policy of funding cuts continues, community structures are in danger of breaking down; vital services will not be available, leading to more privatisation taking place – for which, of course, you have to pay.

All money is raised through taxation, VAT, etc., which in turn should be used to fund services: political policy closing services is in fact making people pay twice for services. We are told ‘the country cannot afford them’, but as you know not millions but BILLIONS of pounds are being made in profits: disgraceful, disgusting amounts being paid to individuals who could hardly have earned such amounts – let alone spend it! And this at a time the public is being told a charge may be made in future for a doctor’s  appointment and some treatments.

We are told repeatedly the country cannot afford it; the German fascist propaganda minister Dr Goebbels said: ‘If you tell a lie, tell a big one, over and over again, then people will start to believe it’.

A. Delahoy

Silverknowes Gardens