MP acts to resolve parking deadlock

Posted on 01/07/2014 by



Edinburgh North and Leith Labour MP Mark Lazarowicz is launching a new Private Members’ Bill this week to resolve the deadlock which has delayed new legislation in the Scottish Parliament to ban irresponsible parking.

Inconsiderate parking can be a major headache for people like wheelchair users, the visually impaired and parents with children in pushchairs, and the Bill would end uncertainty as to whether the Scottish Parliament has the power to legislate on this issue after a Bill to introduce a Scotland-wide ban was delayed due to conflicting legal advice.

Mark Lazarowicz said: “This Bill would ensure that the Scottish Government has the power to make a real difference to our streets by tackling irresponsible parking that can block pavements, kerbs and crossings and choke the flow of traffic.

“It can be dangerous where for instance it pushes people into the road to get past or impedes a wheelchair user from crossing a street because someone had thoughtlessly blocked a dropped kerb.

“A Bill in the Scottish Parliament has had its progress delayed because of conflicting legal advice as to whether the power to legislate to tackle irresponsible parking is still reserved or not.”

“I want to cut through that with this Bill which would specifically devolve this power once and for all to make a practical difference to the streets in our towns and cities in Scotland.”

Sandra White MSP has proposed a Bill to introduce a Scotland-wide ban on irresponsible parking. The Bill has support from a wide range of organisations such as Guide Dogs Scotland and Capability Scotland and has cross-party support in the Scottish Parliament.

Mark was one of 20 MPs who won the right to introduce a Private Members’ Bill in the draw for Bills which recently took place. He will introduce the Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill tomorrow ( Wednesday).

The Bill has already won the support of MPs from other parties and Mark’s move has also been welcomed by Sandra White MSP.

The North and Leith MP must now wait to see if his Bill will go through. He said: “Although the fact that there are controversial Private Members’ Bills ahead of mine in the queue this year will make it a challenge to get mine through, my Bill has all party support which I believe gives it a reasonable chance of making progress.”