Lararowicz: new homes must be energy efficient

Posted on 25/06/2014 by


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Mark Lazarowicz MP has criticised the Westminster government’s failure to make the energy efficiency of new homes a central plank of its Help to Buy scheme in order to boost jobs, cut energy bills and carbon emissions.

THE North & Leith MP was speaking at Treasury Questions in the House of Commons, and said afterwards: “Increasing the energy efficiency of our homes can help cut fuel bills, create new skilled jobs and meet our targets for reducing carbon emissions.

“For instance, surely the Government could have seen that a scheme aimed at first-time buyers should have prioritised energy efficiency so helping young couples with mortgages save money on fuel bills.

“Building all new homes to a high level of energy efficiency helps avoid the need for retrofits later on and Help to Buy could have been used to provide a strong lead by setting a benchmark for the industry.

“It’s an example of where regulation can create new skilled jobs and apprenticeships and boost small businesses but once again the Government has just sat on its hands and failed to act.”