Kicking antisocial behaviour out of the city

Posted on 17/06/2014 by



Plans to help stop antisocial behaviour from blighting Edinburgh’s communities have been agreed. Prevention and support are key elements of the city council’s Antisocial Behaviour Policy, which was approved by the Health, Social Care and Housing Committee today (June 17th).

Tackling antisocial behaviour is a priority for the city and the policy sends out a clear message that while steps will be taken to stop it from happening in the first place, serious or persistent cases will also be dealt with.

Antisocial behaviour can affect entire communities and their experiences have helped to shape the policy process: tenants groups, community councils and members of the public who participated during the consultation process supported the principles of the policy and agreed there is a need for a robust approach.

The new Antisocial Behaviour Policy supports the aims of Edinburgh’s Antisocial Behaviour Strategy 2013 – 2016, and is based on key principles:

  • Prevention and early intervention;
  • Management of tenancy conditions;
  • Effective partnership working;
  • Effective legal solutions;
  • Regular and effective communication;
  • Quality and performance monitoring.

Community Safety Leader Cllr Cammy Day said: “This policy was developed to help people live safely and free from the distress that antisocial behaviour causes. It was vital that local communities helped to shape this plan, and I am delighted that so many took the time to contribute.

“Any threatening or disturbing behaviour will not be tolerated and I want to send a clear message to those involved that there will be consequences to their actions. The policy also details our plans to target the underlying causes of antisocial behaviour through early intervention and support.

“Edinburgh is generally a safe and welcoming place and we will continue to work with the public and partner organisations to ensure that it remains so.”