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MS Therapy Centre Lothian launches creative writing fundraiser

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The MS Therapy Centre Lothian today launched its latest fundraiser – a new creative writing service which will benefit its 200 visitors. MS: My Story will be a series of eight weekly creative writing workshops, specifically designed for people with multiple sclerosis to experiment with writing about their lives.

The groups will be led by a creative writing facilitator who focuses on the therapeutic benefit of writing – not spelling, grammar or literary quality. This means that the content of the writing, no matter how personal, will be treated as important and valuable.

At the end of the eight week series, participants will be given the option to publish a piece of their writing in a small booklet which will then be used to raise awareness of MS and to raise funds for the centre.

Nancy Campbell, Operations Manager at the Centre, said: “Writing is not a substitute for counselling or therapy, but it is a cost-effective, community-based and often enjoyable way to address emotional issues. Putting words down on the page can help people to order their thoughts, perhaps even leading to positive adjustments to their lives. Penning a poem can also create a wonderful sense of achievement.”

To make the initiative possible, the centre is looking for £2,500. Each person that provides funding – ranging from a minimum of £10 to over £500 – will be kept informed of the project’s progress with some being offered the opportunity to take part in a creative writing workshop.

Nancy added: “The yearly cost of providing our current services is around £200,000, which we are able to raise thanks to the kind support of regular donors and fundraisers. However, these running costs mean that we simply cannot draw upon existing support to fund new projects – every penny is needed to maintain our current level of support.

“We are hoping that crowdfunding will help us to find new supporters, interested in pioneering this innovative and exciting way of supporting our clients. The money will cover the fees of the creative writing facilitator inclusive of materials and over an eight week period, the cost of 200 copies of our publication and a launch event.”

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The MS Therapy Centre Lothian is a charity providing help and practical therapies such as physiotherapy, complementary therapies and oxygen therapy as well as emotional support and advice.