Valuable ring recovered following Western theft

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Local Police have recovered a valuable gold ring as part of the ongoing Operation Wolf. The ring was stolen at the Western General Hospital but was tracked down to a local second-hand shop and has now been returned to it’s delighted owner.

A 73-year-old man was visiting the hospital on 1 May and washed his hands in a restroom. As he did so he removed his 18ct gold signet ring, which was etched with his family crest. He then left the building – but forgot to pick up the ring. The man returned a short time later but found that the item had been stolen and contacted police.

Officers from the Search and Recovery Team (SART) carried out local enquiries and spoke to local second-hand retailers. The investigation proved successful as police were contacted by one of the stores on Saturday 24 May after the ring was brought in for sale.

Police are now following a positive line of enquiry to identify those responsible for this theft, and the ring has since been returned to its rightful owner.

Superintendent Matt Richards said: “This ring was made by the victim’s brother and while it is worth a significant sum of money, it is of greater sentimental value.

“As a result of Operation Wolf activities carried out by the SART, police in Edinburgh were able recover the item from a second-hand store and are actively hunting for the thieves.

“I would like to thank all of the retail premises we work alongside for their continued support in tackling acquisitive crime.

“Operation Wolf continues to address the crimes and issues affecting our various local communities and will relentlessly pursue those responsible for these offences.”


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