So, where do you call home?

Posted on 04/06/2014 by


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Do you live in the capital? If so, which area do you call home? This is the question that the City of Edinburgh Council is asking in a bid to help define the city’s natural neighbourhoods:

Residents can identify their local neighbourhood through a quick survey and also sketch their “home patch” online to help the Council make sure that services are being directed across the city in the best way possible.

Anyone taking part will be put forward for the chance to win from a selection of prints of beautiful old maps of Edinburgh from Our Town Stories, and can also try their hand at a fun Auld Reekie heritage quiz.

The replies will also inform consultations such as an ongoing review of Council wards, and the Scottish Government’s consultation on data zones.

They should help services to identify areas that are more meaningful to their clients. For example, if a service involves home visits, in most cases it would make sense to ensure that each neighbourhood is served by a single team – although many service areas reflect current natural neighbourhoods, some service boundaries are based on historical areas and the city has been changing markedly over the last few years.

Cllr Maureen Child, Communities and Neighbourhoods Convener, said: “Whether it’s Broughton or Barnton, Craiglockhart or Comiston, we all have some idea of which area of Edinburgh we belong to. Some of these areas are not so clearly defined though, and having a better idea will help the Council to deliver services more effectively.

“When it comes to gathering the data, there isn’t any right or wrong answer, the project aims to look at how people choose to define where they live, rather than any official definition of a neighbourhood.

“If you live in Pilrig, does that mean you live in part of Leith? Or if you stay near Lothian Road – do you live in the Tollcross area or possibly Fountainbridge? It’s the kind of thing that most people have a view on and we’re seeking to capture these views to map the natural neighbourhoods in the city.”

So when does Muirhouse become Silverknowes or Clermiston become Greater Corstorphine? It’s over to you!