Sing with the Time Bank choir!

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Time Bank Sings!


We’re having an open evening on Wednesday 11 June from 7pm -8pm with a free crèche.

This is for anyone who wants to come along and try a bit of singing for fun. We’d like to have new members. The group is very friendly and easy going. No experience needed.

Some comments from people who have come along:

“Singing is great fun and I enjoy being part of a community. Great for your confidence!”

“ Meet new people, stops me being isolated”

“Works well as a group. We are positive!”

“Iit lifts your mood!”

So come along and lend your voice to our very own North Edinburgh Time Bank Singers!

Julie Smith

North Edinburgh Time Bank Broker

For further information visit:

email Julie at

or telephone  07807 002 591.


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