Crackdown on fireworks in derby build-up

Posted on 27/04/2014 by



Police have warned fans not to try to smuggle fireworks into the stadium ahead of today’s  Edinburgh derby at Easter Road.

Fans will be searched and cordons and a specially trained dog will be used to help identify anybody carrying illegal items into the stadium. Police say “robust action” will be taken against anybody caught with flares or fireworks.

The warning follows previous incidents at Scottish matches where flares, fireworks and smoke bombs have been set off.

Superintendent Liz McAinsh, who is in charge of the policing operation today, said: “We recognise that the majority of supporters are well behaved, however there are a small minority who in the past have put themselves and others in danger by throwing fireworks or flares.

“Anyone who is caught with a flare or firework can expect to be arrested, either at the time, or as a result of a post-match investigation. And as well as receiving a criminal conviction, they may very well find themselves being banned from attending future matches throughout the country.”

You’ve been warned …