Letters: protecting our parents

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Dear Editor

The first part of the BBC programme Protecting our Parents, screened on 17 April, was very moving, highlighting situations of caring that could face the parents of anyone.

Parents are individuals with thoughts, feelings and wishes: in short they are human beings in vulnerable situations.

As illustrated in the programme gentle but subtle pressure is put on patients to decide on moving to a care or nursing home, or returning to their homes with a ‘care package’ arranged by the local authority. The first option could involve considerable financial cots, the second totally inadequate visiting time and care.

We are constantly being told the numbers of elderly people will increase over the years and the country will not be able to afford the care; the implication being that even the inadequate level of care given today cannot be maintained.

How dare they approach the situation from that point of view; they must be oblivious of the mental and physical suffering caused through inadequate care?

Care of the elderly – having given a lifetime of service and care of children yet to serve the future – are and must be absolute priorities for the nation.

A. Delahoy

Silverknowes Gardens