Magic! Roundabout’s finished!

Posted on 16/04/2014 by


grn round-001

The long-running saga of the Groathill Road North roundabout is over. Contractors MW Groundworks laid the last turf and put the finishing touches to the roundabout earlier this week.

“It’s good news”, said Alex Dale, chair of Drylaw Telford Community Council. “We were delighted when the city council agreed to ‘re-adopt’ the roundabout and it’s good to see the work now completed. I think the landscaping team have done a fine job and the roundabout’s looking really great.”

Community councillors spent have spent many hours discussing the controversial roundabout upgrade over the last two years, so Alex is pleased that there’s a happy ending at last.

“It will be a relief to drop the roundabout from community council agendas – it’s been a regular discussion item for such a long time and it will be good to cross it off the list and move on to new issues.”