Citadel performs Leith at War

Posted on 09/04/2014 by



Residents from Port of Leith’s Hermitage Court sheltered housing complex and pupils from St Mary’s Primary school were treated to a wartime play presented by Citadel Arts Group last week.

‘Leith at War’ is about a Leith-based family living through World War II. Brother and sister Eck and Frankie are living with their grampa, a WWI vet. As schools temporary closed during the war, and lessons held in pupils’ homes, this gives Grampa the chance to talk to the class about the War in Leith.

Cast members Rob Flett, Nicky McCabe, Iona Soper, and Nick Cheales entertained the audience with a performance that rekindled memories of the dark days of war for many members of the audience. It also offered an opportunity for youngsters to hear wartime experiences war from people who lived through it.

Liz Hare, Artistic Director at Citadel Arts Group, said: “We’ll be performing the play at Leith Festival in June and hope to get some useful ideas and feedback from our inter-generational audience today.

“The school pupils and tenants enjoyed a chat after the show in which they talked about the older people’s own war memories, and after Easter the children will come back to Hermitage Court with some of their own scenes based on Leith at War.”

Susie Connery, Scheme Co-ordinator at the Port of Leith Housing Association’s Hermitage Court sheltered housing complex, said: “The residents really enjoyed the performance as it gave them the opportunity to talk about their memories and experiences, whereas it was educational for the pupils learning what happened on their doorsteps over 70 years ago.”