Letter: Need before greed

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Dear Editor

Particularly during and since the Thatcher times people have been encouraged to think only of themselves. It has the divisive effect – which was it’s intention – of tearing people away from their natural instinct of caring for others. The evidence that the policy of looking after number one is the wrong thing to do is all around us, those with the most wealth have the most power.

A divided people are easier to manipulate: those in work against the unemployed who have to exist on benefits, the disgusting campaign against the disabled living on benefits, pitting those who work in the private sector against those in the public sector, the disgraceful ‘bedroom tax’ action taken against tenants and the continuing privatisation of public property …

The situation is not unique to this country; exactly the same is happening in many parts of the world, demonstrating that the capitalist system under which we live cannot solve their problems. What can we do? We can make a start to change things by identifying essential needs everyone has in common, to maximise unity; these essential common needs will show that no individual or groups of individuals should have the power to restrict or withhold them in the pursuit of profit. The following is a most obvious list of common needs upon which that unity can be achieved and removing them from those who only see those needs as a source of private profit:

  • Heating and power: this basic necessity should be treated as such, not as a source of private profit
  • Water & sewerage services: As above, absolute health essential
  • Transport: Essential public service to enable easy access to and from work and social activities
  • National Health Service: To ensure treatment is a permanent public universal service paid for out of taxation.
  • Recreation and Learning facilities of all kinds: Work is not an end in itself but a means of developing an intelligent quality of living in whatever choice of interest.
  • Greenbelt and Open Spaces: Selling these off to developers to be stopped immediately and lawful public consultation on any building applications.

A. Delahoy

Silverknowes Gardens