Recycling timetable goes digital

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A Council spokesperson has informed us that collection dates for the kerbside recycling boxes, which are used for glass, plastic, paper, textiles and other dry recyclables, will no longer be posted door to door.  Instead people are being directed to the Council’s web-site, where they will find relevant calendars (

Paper calendars will still be provided to those who receive assistance with collections and to people who ask specifically to receive one, so if you don’t have easy access to the internet, ask. These can be requested by email ( or by calling 0131 529 3030.

The decision to stop distributing the calendars recognises the fact that increasing numbers of people now have access to the internet, and aims to help drive down the costs involved in distributing more than 165,000 calendars each year.

Calendars for refuse, garden and food waste collections were also recently made available online rather than in paper form.

Service users can find a directory for red and blue boxes on the council website, where collection dates are listed along with a calendar which can be downloaded.

In addition, the website offers a link to Green Box Day, where residents can get reminders of their next collection for garden waste and red and blue boxes.

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