Lazarowicz: Green technology must be at the heart of economic strategy

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Mark Lazarowicz MP is calling on the UK and Scottish Governments to realise fully the potential of the green economy to create skilled, long-term jobs at the same time as tackling climate change and fuel poverty. 

In a wide ranging essay for the Scottish Fabian Society, the North and Leith MP says the green economy could draw on existing industrial strengths, pointing to local examples in Edinburgh as well as elsewhere in Scotland.

Mark Lazarowicz (pictured above) said: “The financial crisis graphically illustrated the need to rebalance the Scottish and UK economies and we should place the green economy at the heart of our economic strategy.

“For instance, energy to heat your home should not be a luxury and energy efficiency is one of the most important ways to tackle fuel poverty in the long term as well as climate change.

“Green technology also has the potential to be a major export sector, not just in large-scale manufacture of say, wind turbines, but also of the parts required and project design where Scotland already has a wealth of expertise.

“It’s much more than a niche industry: with new rules on recycling and targets for cutting carbon emissions we have to green our economy and Scotland should be leading not lagging behind.”

The MP’s article appears in a new collection of essays by Scottish Labour MPs setting out policy alternatives for a new future for Scotland. It can be found at


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