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Tram testingResidents, commuters and pedestrians in Edinburgh will start to see more trams being tested along the route over the coming days.

At present trams are only running through the city during the night and between Edinburgh Park and the airport during the daytime.

Over the coming days, residents will start to see trams being tested in the City Centre during the daytime.

These tests aren’t timetabled at present but an update will be provided in advance of the first full route daytime test on the Edinburgh Trams website, on Twitter and through local media.

In advance of daytime testing getting under way, the Council and Transport for Edinburgh have produced a series of safety videos and tips as part of a wider awareness campaign to help pedestrians, cyclists and drivers get used to the trams.

Councillor Lesley Hinds,Transport Convener for the City of Edinburgh Council, said: “Up until now, trams have only been running at night when the city centre roads are much quieter. Daytime tests aren’t far away and it’ll take some time for people to get used to seeing trams running on streets so we’re asking drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to take extra care while everyone becomes familiar.

“I’ve seen first hand in Dublin how trams interact with traffic and, as progress continues to be made along the route, it’ll be important that people are aware of the differences. The Client Target May service launch is drawing ever closer but there are still many important tests and a driver training programme to complete. It’s also the right time to remember some straightforward but very important safety messages.”

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