Local car crime alert

Posted on 17/02/2014 by


An email we received yesterday:

Hi there

I am just emailing you to make you aware of the recent series of car break ins that have been occurring in the West Pilton Avenue area. I was a victim of a car break in and theft last night and I know of at least two more people that have had their cars broken into ( one tonight and one a couple of nights ago). It seems to be the work of a gang of teenage boys from that area.

They stole my bag from my car, a woman’s purse and a mans wallet and do the by smashing in the passenger front window or the drivers window. They seem to carry their thefts out from between 9-12 pm.

I am just informing you of this occurrence of car break ins so that awareness can be raised , so that people take care not to leave any valuables in their car on show or non valuables such as a bag. My bag was not of value but contained my uni work which is of value to me as makes up a large percentage of my coursework marks and its something i can never replace now . They will steal anything that they may suspect to contain anything of value.

I hope that you can raise awareness with this information.

Kind Regards

Diane Baird (by email)