Pregnant? Call the midwife!

Posted on 12/02/2014 by


NHS Lothian is encouraging women to make an appointment with a midwife as soon as they find out they’re pregnant. The message is part of a national drive to encourage the best start for pregnant women and their babies.

Pregnant women across Lothian are urged to book into their local maternity service before they reach twelve weeks of pregnancy in order to benefit from the full range of screening options and ensure their individual health needs are met.

New posters currently on display in GP surgeries, pharmacies and sexual health clinics in Lothian, encourage women to call a dedicated booking line on 0131 536 2009 to arrange an appointment with a midwife. Supporting leaflets also provide information on what to do next after finding out you’re pregnant.

Frances McGuire, Clinical Midwifery Manager, NHS Lothian, said:

“We want to encourage women across Lothian to make an appointment with a midwife as soon as they find out they are pregnant in order to promote the health and wellbeing of mum and baby at the earliest possible stage.

“The foetus is most vulnerable during the first two trimesters of pregnancy, therefore an early meeting with one of our expert midwives ensures advice and support can be provided on lifestyle choices such as eating well, exercise, dental care, smoking and drinking.”

More information and advice is available on the NHS Lothian website