Letter: Basic needs

Posted on 11/02/2014 by


Dear Editor

To express thoughts in words is sometimes difficult; hopefully the following is clear enough.

There are many needs common to everyone in the UK: amongst them are the NHS, gas and electricity, water, transport, schools and employment, they are basic needs. In Scotland only the NHS, schools and water can be classed as universal services; even these are faced with attempts to privatize them.

Gas and electricity supplies are absolutely basic for life, yet these industries are in private hands, operating for private profit. There is no way individuals or groups of individuals should control such basic needs.

Most people have to use public transport; buses, railways and trams to get to and from work – again, a basic necessity that should not be run for private profit.

Loss of employment is devastating for individuals and families, long-term unemployment leads to depression and loss of dignity.

A creator of unemployment is the withdrawal of investment by groups of individuals – and banks – moving their money from one place to another, home or abroad, to maximise profit. Again, this is not right and must be changed.

The services outlined above need to be in public hands, a view on which I believe most people would agree. There are so many areas of life common to all on which a unity of thought and action can make them universal services.

Pitting one section of the population’s interests against another must be resisted at all times.

A. Delahoy

Silverknowes Gardens