Anti-Bullying Campaign

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Bullying-Stops-Here-225x300Pupils from Pirniehall Primary School, spray painted a very clear message at the front of their school gates on Friday morning. In large bright red letters ‘Bullying Stops Here’ which represents a strong message that bullying is not acceptable both in and out of school.

The bright spray painted message is already grabbing the attention of all those who pass through the school gates. Parents and children were discussing the sign as they were leaving the school on Friday, generating conversations about bullying and what the sign stood for. This large visual sign will act as a daily reminder keeping parents and children talking about the subject and it is hoped this message will support parents and teachers in continuing to create a safe school environment.

Parents have been active in supporting anti-bullying campaigns in the local primary schools and it is expected that more positive news stories regarding the great work that parents and teachers have planned will be
shared soon.

Tracy Devenney

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