Letter: Trick or treat?

Posted on 07/01/2014 by


Dear Editor

The announcement by Cameron that pensioners’ incomes will be protected from inflation for the “life of the next Parliament” sounds okay, you may think, but then what?

There is no doubt that other ‘benefits’ as he says, will be cut; from whom? The younger working people struggling now to make ends meet or perhaps the pensioners bus pass or winter fuel allowance?

The typical playing off one section of people against another is being demonstrated by the false highlighting of ‘affluent’ pensioners living it up (they even play bowls or are dancing!)

The question then arises what level is considered affluent and who sets that level. Having experienced over the last four years their idea of ‘level’, we can guess.

Pensioners and people at work must not be taken in by these attempts to get them to blame each other. Pensioners are mums and dads, workers are sons and daughters. Unity is Strength.
Tony Delahoy (by email)