Let’s make this a Hogmanay to remember

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Chief Medical Officer calls for responsible drinking over Hogmanay

Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer, Sir Harry Burns, has urged revellers to take care this Hogmanay.

Sir Harry said: “Whether you are seeing in the bells at one of Scotland’s outdoor parties or in the company of close friends and family, Hogmanay is a wonderful time of the year to be enjoyed.

“Everyone should have a night to remember and this means taking responsibility for your drinking.

“There are simply too many people across Scotland drinking too much alcohol and putting their health at risk. You shouldn’t think this happens only to other people, alcohol misuse affects people across society. There’s nothing wrong with having a drink, as long as it’s done safely and not to excess.

“If you are planning to drink this New Year’s Eve then enjoy a good meal before you go out. It’s also important to keep track of what you are drinking. Cocktails and generous home pours can contain much more alcohol that you might think.”

“Missing a round of drinks is absolutely fine. It’s good to be sociable but don’t let others dictate your pace. You don’t need to drink alcohol throughout the night, having a soft drink or a glass of water will help you feel much better in the morning and let you enjoy the festivities until much later.

“Many people will be setting themselves the challenge to lose weight or to become healthier next year. One of the easiest ways to achieve both is to cut back on the how much and how often you drink. Small changes in your alcohol consumption will make a big difference to your health at the end of 2014.”

“I want everyone to enjoy Hogmanay and remind them this can be done without drinking too much. Keep warm, keep safe and remember if you are planning to drive the next morning be very careful the night before”

The message comes the day after Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill met representatives from Best Bar None and Police Scotland to hear their plans for ensuring everyone in the capital and beyond enjoys a safe and happy Hogmanay 2013.

For more information on responsible drinking visit http://www.drinksmarter.org/