The Charge of the Young Brigade

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The Charger

Bloomin’ kids! They stand around on street corners, play football in the street and have absolutely no respect for their elders. All they’re interested in is X Factor, FaceBook and computer games. They’ve never had it so good – now, when I was a boy …

Is that your view of young people? Well, a new publication produced in North Edinburgh may just change your mind. Local Community Learning and Development worker Callum McLeod has produced ‘The Charger’ to let the wider community know about the wide variety of positive activities many of our young people are involved in.

Callum explained:  “This is its first edition, but I’m hoping to get at least one out each term and I’m sure it’ll improve with each edition. Iit’s worth having a wee nosy at it to see some of the stuff which has been happening on your doorstep.

“There are plenty of fab examples of where children and young people have been and are involved in decision-making in North Edinburgh – and so I’m planning that the Charger’s focus will be about showcasing as much of this as possible.

“It’s being aimed at children and young people, agencies and individuals within the community and so please pass it on to people you think might be interested. It’ll provide an opportunity to shine a spotlight on children and young people-led issues, achievements and developments in future editions, so please get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to add for the next one!”

Callum now plans to produce and distribute some hard copies of the current ‘Charger’ as well as the digital version (attached above). To pass on your comments or to contribute content for the next issue, you can contact Callum at:

Callum McLeod

Community Learning & Development, Broughton High School

29 East Fettes Ave, Edinburgh, EH4 1EG

Tel: 0131 332 6316



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