Blooming marvellous! The end’s in sight – in a roundabout way

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Drylaw Telford Community Council’s final meeting of the year takes place next Wednesday. The meeting could also see an end to one of the organisation’s longest-running sagas – the Groathill Road North roundabout.
The state of the roundabout has been making some local residents cross almost since the railings were removed there three years ago. Neighbourhood Partnership funding was allocated to Drylaw’s gardening group to undertake environmental improvements on the site, but a catalogue of problems with successive subcontractors has seen the roundabout become an untidy eyesore.
Drylaw Telford CC’s chair Alex Dale has had a series of meetings with North’s Environmental Manager Steven Cuthill to resolve the long-running issue, and a proposal to transform the troubled roundabout will be tabled at next week’s meeting.
Alex Dale said: “Steven produced the proposal at Inverleith Neighbourhood partnership’s last Clean, Green & Safe meeting and explained that this is a proposal and is still being  costed. Steven will be attending our community council meeting on the 27th to discuss this  proposal or listen to any other ideas the community would like to take forward  instead.
“We have the choice to accept this or offer Steven an alternative plan. It  will all be up for discussion on the night and if we can agree on something then it should bring the long ongoing saga to a conclusion!”
So there you have it – if the proposal is accepted Groathill Road roundabout will have ‘complete ground cover during summer within two seasons’ – blooming marvellous!
The meeting takes place in Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre on Wednesday 27 November at 7pm. All welcome.
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