In the bleak midwinter: meeting called to co-ordinate community-centred response to poverty challenge

Posted on 12/11/2013 by


The impact of the Bedroom Tax, general poverty and the rise of Food Banks in the area is a clear indication that many in our community will be facing a bleak and possibly health destroying time. 

The comments made by the Trussell Trust, who organise the Food Banks, that they are limited to crisis response – ie 3 or 4 food packs per year per family – shows that we require a much bigger response. Community Centres in every area should be at the heart of the response. The question is how do we do this?

We wish to join together with all Community Centres, the City of Edinburgh Council and organisations like the Red Cross and similar bodies to work out a common strategy of how we as Community Centres could find ways of providing assistance to this section of our community.

We would like to invite all Management Committees of Community Centres and other interested bodies to a meeting to discuss this at:

West Pilton Neighbourhood Centre on Thursday 14 November 

from 12.30 –3pm

RSVP to:

Gwen Campbell

Pilton Central Association, West Pilton Neighbourhood Centre

Telephone 0131 551 3194