Excellent! Quality Scotland award for Port of Leith

Posted on 11/11/2013 by


Port of Leith Housing Association’s (PoLHA) has been awarded a “Committed to Excellence” recognition by Quality Scotland.

The Association conducted a self-assessment process in January 2012 and developed quality improvement plans from the assessment results, which were independently assessed by a Quality Scotland assessor.

PoLHA’s ability to demonstrate it has a systematic approach and has good communication practices in place, as well as being committed to improvement for staff and tenants, saw the housing association pass ‘with flying colours’.

Keith Anderson, Chief Executive of PoLHA, said: “This is great feedback for us all and I’m delighted my colleague’s time and effort on the improvement plans and projects and meeting with the Quality Scotland assessor ended with such positive recognition. The challenge now is for all parts of our work to benefit from review and progress with the journey towards demonstrating excellence in all that we do.”

Dave Bradley, Chief Executive Officer of Quality Scotland, said: “Port of Leith Housing Association stands out as a prime example of how a commitment to sustaining business excellence can bring about transformational change to a social enterprise organisation in relation to its staff development and best practice programmes. Its’ people clearly acknowledge that business excellence is a continual journey and can take great heart in what they have achieved with this ‘Committed to Excellence’ success.”