Drylaw’s home to new international artwork

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flytipping1A fascinating new art installation is being constructed in the middle of an Edinburgh neighbourhood. Internationally acclaimed Finnish artist Flei Tippynge chose Drylaw for his latest work because he wants his work to be appreciated by ‘ordinary people – the only true art critics’.

Flei uses ordinary household items in his work, which he often undertakes after dark. “As I work in the open air it is easier for me to be creative without constant interruptions. Just me, the night and my materials and my imagination can run wild!” Flei’s ‘materials’ often include washing machines, tables and old tyres.

The controversial artist added: “My Drylaw work is called simply ‘Home’. Over the next few weeks I shall bring more and more recyclable items to my open air studio in the hope that I can create a new ‘Drylaw House’ on the roundabout in Easter Drylaw Drive. It could take some weeks, and will involve tons of recyclable materials – this shall be a mighty mansion – but I am looking forward to the challenge.”

Typpynge’s evolving ‘installation’ can be seen in Drylaw until the Environmental Wardens take it away.

Taking shape: 'Home'

Taking shape: ‘Home’

STOP PRESS A team of city council environmental wardens removed the ‘installation’ at 1.50pm.

Artist  Flei Tippynghe is distraught. “Philistines”, he sobbed. Creative Scotland were unavailable for comment,