Ainslie Park strife follows management departures

Posted on 02/06/2012 by


Mike Lawson, the former co-manager of Spartans, spoke out against the hierarchy of Spartans Football Club this week after he and Sam Lynch were relieved of their duties at Ainslie Park.

In an explosive interview with the North Edinburgh News, Lawson blasted members of the board for forcing the pair out and believes they have been trying to do so for “four or five years”.  Match secretary Jimmy Murray resigned following the decision to dump the co-managers, saying he “wanted nothing to do with the committee’s decision to sack Sam and Mike.”

There was no sign of any ill-feeling towards the former management pair from the man that took the decision, though. Chairman Craig Graham said:  “We are embarking on a five-year plan with licencing, the introduction of a Lowland League and hopefully a place in the SFL. The committee decided that this was a good time to change as we want to build and introduce young players. We are an ambitious club with excellent facilities.”

Preferring to focus on the positives of their time at the club, Castle FM sports reporter – and Spartans supporter – Cameron Hobbs heaped praise on the duet that has seen the north Edinburgh club win several trophies over an 11-year spell, describing them as “legends”.

He said:  “As far as I’m concerned Mike and Sam are Spartans legends.  In my time as a fan of the club I’ve seen us go on several Scottish Cup runs, beating several SFL sides.  I’ve seen us win every single cup we can – out with the main Scottish Cup. Nobody can take away what great servants they have been to Spartans and I’m therefore sad to see them leave.”

As much as Hobbs is disappointed in the departure of Messrs Lawson and Lynch, he is confident in the future of the club and sees it developing further.

He added: “I believe we still have a very exciting future ahead.  We will continue to focus and drive forward to hopefully play our way into the Scottish 3rd Division and beyond. The Spartans fan base is ever growing and I’m already looking forward to next season.”

Alan Clark